• Culinary
  • Art
  • Recreation
  • Education

CARE is under construction at:
2325 E12th Street
Oakland, California 94601

Connect with us using the form below, or give us a call at (510) 694-0057
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  • 24 hour operated teaching culinary commercial kitchen and job training café, including food trucks
  • Community healing garden and outdoor gathering space for youth and families 
  • Programs and services involving the arts and a variety of educational/employment programs
  • Employment training, placement for elders/adults/youth/those with disabilities/new refugees
  • Sports, recreation, art gallery, event space, and bike/car share programs
  • Business incubator, co-working, and office suites for nonprofits and small businesses
  • Elder activity and counseling center

This project is supported by Lao Family Community Development, Inc. (LFCD) assists diverse refugee, immigrant, limited English, and low-income U.S. born community members in achieving long-term financial and social self-sufficiency. We encourage our community members to establish goals, believe in themselves, and become active, contributing members of society.